Located on traditional Lekwungen territory, With Love By Meg is a living and breathing expression of my heart.

I describe my artwork as a dreamscape and am inspired by what is often categorized as feminine - think flowers, breasts, and lunar cycles.

I am guided by the mandala - it’s representation of interconnectedness and wholeness mirrors my understanding of the world. 

I love the meditative quality of creating patterns. My life feels like an attempt to create more healthy, sustainable and interdependent patterns.. That being said, life is messy and unpredictable. Art work, and woodburning specifically, offers me a channel for precision and perfectionism as I practice letting go of those unattainable (and frankly, uninteresting) qualities in the rest of my life.

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How I understood yoga at my entry point, through asana and a desire to heal from physical injury, and how I understand yoga now continues to evolve with depth and context.

My experience in the western yoga world has been dynamic. Connecting with teachers who have vast knowledge and understanding of the Yogic tradition has been integral to my continued journey down this path. 

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"Do your art. Generally, a thing cannot freeze if it is moving. So move. Keep moving."

-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes